Saturday, October 20, 2007


I moved to Nice one year ago TODAY! To celebrate here are a few more beach sketches from the summer-


Kristian said...

so many to comment on. As theyre all great i'll say which is my favourite. The last page is a wonderful little mise en scene with guy in the foreground. Lovely.

Matthew Cruickshank said...

Bon Anniversaire-where does time go?!

As always your voyeuristic beach drawings are superb. It's amazing how you draw them all through 2 eye holes of a local newspaper!

Oscar Grillo said...

Happy birthday, Matt!

Elliot Cowan said...

Are you sure?
I got to London on July the 8th and you'd already left (perhaps you were avoiding me).

Joan Cabot said...

Happy Anniversary, Dr Jones.

max said...

Am I mistaken or you are spending a lot of time on the beach?

libra bear said...

Great drawings, I really love your style, was m@ serious about the newspaper thing?

Richard Gaines said...

Your ability to grasp what you see, especially your detailed buildings and landscapes, is nothing short of phenomenal!

Man, you got to move to Nice? That's so Rave....uh...e-hem....AWESOME!!!!

limbolo said...

Tchin-tchin...Tell Patrick mine's a Bandol.

BLAMMO The Art of Jason Groh said...

really great stuff!


Unknown said...

beautiful quick sketches!

Unknown said...

They're fantastic tres cher Matthieu!
Are you in a bikini too when you sketch on the beach?..I do.

Matt Jones said...

Thnx everyone for your comments.
K-cheers pal, I've been trying to put my people sketches in environments lately to tackle size relationships, perspective, composition etc. Helps with the storyboarding.

M@-It ain't easy doing the newspaper trick-burnt my feet!

Oscar-6 months too late but I appreciate the sentiment.

Elliot-SURE i'm sure! You forget my 4 month sojourn in Paris BEFORE coming to Nice!

Joan-gracias Doctor Gonzo!

Max-I promise that's the last of the beach sketches until next year!


Richard- the south of France has been very inspirational for me.

Limbolo-Patrick sends his regards & a bottle of Bandol blanc with a black rabbit on the label?

Jason & Alina-thnx guys!

Stef- I wear a nice one piece, 1920's style bathing costume-stripy!

BEN said...

fantastic sketches!
You make to wish that the summer come..
compliments again..