Friday, January 27, 2012

A Monster in the UK!

'A Monster In Paris' is unleashed today in the UK.  Big Picture Studios, the promo company handling its UK release, featured me on their blog.

The French Oscars, the C├ęsars, have just nominated 'Un Monstre a Paris' for Best Animated FIlm and Best Song.  Here's a good resolution clip from the film . . .

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The art of Urban Sketching

I'm published! I think for the first time some of my sketches have been published on real paper in a real book in the real world-woohoo! (although my carbon footprint just got a little bigger I guess?)

I'm very pleased to be part of Gabi Campanario's collection of all the artists' work from his Urban Sketchers site which has gone from strength to strength since he founded it in 2008.

There's a nice 2 page spread on my drawings around San Francisco -I just wish I cleaned up the rain drops in Photoshop. . .

My old chum Stephane Kardos is featured too.  Available now on Amazon

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

For Ronald

The great Ronald Searle passed away last week - my correspondence with him will be sorely missed but his influence on my work will remain.  We didn't meet often enough that I would consider him a mentor but I was able to show him some of my drawings and get advice from this master of reportage. He was always encouraging and positive about my work-the fact that he was even interested was astounding to me!

Out and about over the holidays I managed to make some quick location sketches around Portland, Oregon.  These were done rapidly, on the hoof, as it was a lot colder and wetter up north!

Vignette views of downtown Portland

Free standing wall in the Pearl District
'The Steel Bridge'

'The old oak'

Native American lodge recreation at Ridgefield

Back in San Francisco I passed a couple of days in and around Chinatown where I was able to make longer studies.  I've learnt a lot from studying Searle's location sketch work and always have him in mind when I'm drawing.  The example he set of sheer discipline and prolific output keeps me going on the days when I think I suck or can't be bothered!

Grant Avenue

Fruit & veg market on Grant & Pacific

Washington & Grant

Cable car intersection at California & Powell

McTeagues on Polk St.