Friday, June 15, 2012


As we move into the summer months I've been out and about drawing all over at interesting locations.

I went to my first baseball game at the impressive AT&T Park in San Francisco-stunning location on the waterfront with the  Bay Bridge and Treasure Island as the backdrop.

I love drawing in the Mission, there's always something interesting going on.  Last time I was there some latino classic car enthusiasts rolled up for an impromptu motor-show.  Even the cops were taking pictures.
I went up north to the Western Railway Museum in Solano County
 Lots of jackrabbits bounding between the old railcars & engines

With animation pals Mark Stanleigh, Jason Spencer Galsworthy & Jamie Baker I drew at the Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Park . . .

From Golden Gate Park we moved onto Haight Ashbury to draw one of the old Victorian houses

The Palace of Fine Arts, the Presidio

Broadway: no sketchcrawl would be complete without rounding it off at my favourite North Beach watering hole-Vesuvio's

I'm often asked what pens or brushes I use to make location sketches.
My director Ronnie del Carmen turned me onto these unusual pens available from MAIDO in Japantown. They're expensive but offer a great range of marks and line qualities.

Monday, June 04, 2012

Gesture Drawing News

Alex Woo and Louis Gonzales were recently in Toronto to lead a Schoolism Gesture Class. They are also putting together an exciting book project on their approach to Gesture Drawing. Here are some of my latest sketches from our regular sessions.

30 sec-1 min. warm ups

Pushing the pose & extrapolating character

Inspired by John Carter of Mars

 We usually don't require models in costume but this lady had a great belly-dancer outfit.