Friday, November 14, 2008

Zoo 3

Earlier in the year I went sketching at the zoo in Cap Ferrat. It's small & overpriced & the lions gave me dirty looks! I found a much better safari park in Fréjus, further inland towards Provence. It's a lot bigger & one can drive around at leisure. This time of year it's free of squawking parents & their monkey- like children who so often behave like the real zoo animals in these places.
At Fréjus zoo animal & artist alike remain un-hassled, bliss!

All these drawings were made over two visits in October.

See more of my zoo sketches here & here.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Anrick at Unit 9 in London commissioned me last month to help design characters for Toshiba's new 'Leading Innovation' website.
It was a dream gig -I was asked to spend a couple of days sketching characters with good old pencil & paper while Anrick's crack squad of boffins & digital artists handled the rest! An enjoyable collaboration & the results look great-look at those gorgeous backgrounds.

Check out the website & draw squiggles on the characters to discover what they do-

The site is already generating media buzz here and here.