Monday, February 01, 2016

A Monster In Paris animatics

I found some old animatics of my boards from 'A Monster In Paris' (2011). There are enough clips online to compare them to the final film. It's pretty lose to what I conceived but it's interesting to see where the film departs. Back when I did these I was working on paper with pencil and ink, scanning elements to composite them and heightening tone in Photoshop.

Here is sequence 3350 - the big musical number with Vanessa Paradis and Matthieu Chedid's song 'La Seine'.

I remeber Bibo had staged a workshop with dancers who worked out a routine for the animators to reference. Rightly the film focuses on the characters' motions and dropped the stage elements with cut-out 'flats' I proposed (background elements by Sasek!). Once they step off the stage and enter the fantasy realm then the decor becomes flat- smart decision.