Saturday, September 18, 2021

New e-book!


A collection of notes, sketches and draw-overs on Gesture Drawing. A guide to the essential building-blocks of capturing the essence of a pose quickly and efficiently. All the notes I posted on the Artof_GestureDrawing IG page summer 2020 are included + more sketches, draw-overs and text.

Available in my Gumroad store here

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Roald's Nest

I created a short film for Roald Dahl day 2021! I found footage of Dahl talking about his writing hut and creative process and thought his wonderful voice would make him the perfect narrator for an animated version. All creatives need their own writing hut; a creative space whether it’s a corner in a cafe or a private studio- it’s a place to think and dream without distraction. I grew up in Wales reading Dahl’s stories and discovered he was Welsh too (Norwegian parents). I knew many of the places in Cardiff that his family frequented. He built his hut after seeing that of another Welsh writer, poet Dylan Thomas, and copied the design. I’ve packed more easter-eggs inn here than the BFG has bottled dreams. Dahl fans should be able to spot them all.