Friday, September 28, 2012


I was in New York for a long weekend last week, both upstate for a wedding and the city afterwards. What a town-incredible energy.
Rush hour in NYC is crazier than London or Paris-and Grand Central seems to be the hub of the frenzy. I huddled in a corner off the sidewalk and tried to capture the melee but my sketch doesn't come close!  I was intrigued by the elevated overpass with the stream of yellow cabs feeding the commuter swarm.

Skyscrapers on 5th ave. the older one on the left looked like it had been sliced in half at some point with arches visible in the cross-section.
I couldn't not draw The Statue of Liberty! I thought I'd sketch a view rarely seen -her behind! (Plus it allowed me to skip the face and draw her faster).  Just as I was waiting for some interesting tourists to stray into view these monks showed up-they were thoroughly modern monks; posing for pictures on their smart-phones, smoking even-surely not Buddhists!

This poor soul was ranting in the middle of the sidewalk and plainly had a beef with someone but he was raging at nobody that I could see.  Earlier in the day I saw him amiably chatting to someone-don't piss off New Yorkers!

Here's an impression of Times Sq. with all the characters I encountered over the weekend.  Spot the pickle!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Summer sketchbook 2012

After completing the 30 day Sketchbook Challenge I slowed down a bit but keep the next book at hand  always.  Over the last month I've seen a bit of the United States, including Bodie and Columbus, Ohio and visited a couple of interesting museum shows.
The Jean-Paul Gaultier exhibition at the De Young was as exciting as everyone told me.  Thanks to my regular sketch buddy Jamie Baker we got in on the last day and I snuck a quick sketch in despite the museums' shitty 'no drawing' policy.

If we hit the De Young we usually squeeze in the Oceanic Art galleries and the Japanese Tea Garden next door also. . . 
See Jamie's sketches over on his blog here

On a quick stay in Columbus, Ohio I sketched the facade of the cavernous Book loft on 3rd St in German Village.

Airport drawings are usually so staid and boring I tried to have a bit of fun with them on this trip.

  Over Labor Day weekend we had a day in the sun at the SF Yacht Club (which is actually across the Bay at Tiburon)

Quick sketch of my neighbourhood on the way home from work

'Our Man in the Cabana' Jamie Baker at Trader Vic's Tiki Lounge, Emeryville Marina.

There's a self-portrait of the artist hidden in one of these pics- can you see me?