Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Latest Gesture Class efforts

1 We start with 30 second-1 minute warm up poses.

2 Simply looking for the flow and rhythm of the pose . . .

3 Always pushing the pose while maintaining clarity




7 Too much emphasis on anatomy in these-

8 Starting to get some acting in here . . .

9 . . . and now some fun stuff!

10 All these were made from the same male model, using his pose as a springboard for character and story.  Two minute poses.
To see it done properly check out these drawings on Alex's blog.  Some even more fun stuff here

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Exploring & drawing SFO

A selection of recent sketches made around the city.   
The neon facades of SF's 'red light' zone.

The view from the terrasse of the Cafe Zoetrope on Columbus.

Behind the Ferry Building waiting for the Sausalito shuttle.

Cat napping on the Hyde St Pier

The impressive & imposing East Bay Bridge, in its own way just as majestic as the Golden Gate Bridge.

The Palace Of Fine Arts in the Presidio

A mini-sketchcrawl around my neighbourhood Noe Valley yielded these corners of interest.

Funky delapidated little house up on Diamond Heights.

This is how I moved to California! Now on permament display in the Oakland Museum

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Gesture Fun!

The most important thing in Gesture Class is to have FUN! If I get too wrapped up in anatomy and try to capture the 'real' pose the drawings tend to be boring.  However it is possible to go too far in the opposite direction.  Here's a selection of cartoony poses that came out of the last few sessions.


Alex insists we study the pose for 15 seconds without drawing  and decide what it is exactly we want to draw.  We write down the attitude we have in mind and let that inform the drawing.