Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Sketch of the day

This was a quick thumbnail sketch I did of a narrow street in Bruges.

More Japanese inspired art

This was sketched while waiting for the curtain to go up at a production of Madame Butterfly. It was a beautiful drawing blown up to cover the entire stage curtain.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Sketch of the day

Sketch for a colleague's card celebrating his new born baby.

Monday, August 29, 2005


Katsuhiro Otomo's AKIRA, for me, has always been the high benchmark for all anime that has followed in the intervening years. Nothing since has quite matched it for sheer visual dynamism. Rintaro's adaptation of Tezuka's METROPOLIS (scripted by Otomo) came close in terms of scope, ambition & technique but STEAMBOY manages to surpass both.

Japanese sci-fi movies

I've recently viewed a couple of Japanese films that are visual feasts. CASSHERN is a live-action/CG hybrid in the vein of SKY CAPTAIN & THE MATRIX:REVOLUTIONS. It's a non-stop barrage of sumptuous imagery & wild ideas. The 'march of the robots' sequence is stunning.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Sketches from life

More sketches

Life sketches

Posting few pages from sketchbooks - people in the street & some more from the life-class.

Box-office illustration

This is an illustration I did back in 2002 when two movies with Leonardo deCaprio were battling for the box-office - CATCH ME IF YOU CAN and GANGS OF NEW YORK.

Health & Safety film

Above are some stills from a short film I designed & directed for Uli Meyer Animation.
It was an in-house training film for Sky TV employees. Check it out at

Cartoon animals

Life Drawing

These are some examples of life drawing that I've done over the years. I haven't attended a class for a couple years now & I sure miss it! If anyone knows of any decent classes in London please let me know.
The profile head is a copy of a Michelangelo drawing - I got the ear in the wrong place!

Haunted House Thumbnails

Posted above are some of the thumbnail sketches I did while working out the composition for Dracula's mansion.
I ultimately chose to develop the bottom right.

Drac's pad

This is the Count's mansion. He can only venture out to pick up his blood delivery after dark!


I'm putting up a couple pieces of concept art for a feature project in development at Uli Meyer Animation

Thursday, August 25, 2005


I made these sketches at the superb exhibition, KABUKI HEROES, at the British Museum. The show runs through mid-September so go along soon if you get the chance. It's full of wonderful sketches & drawings with elegant lines & graceful shapes.


Here's a pitch image created for ZOVIRAX cold sore cream! The ad was to feature this repulsive virus replicating infinitely. Unfortunately the agency went with a live-action approach in the end with a girl who's so ashamed of her cold sore she keeps her motor-cycle helmet on to go swimming!

Welcome to my animation blog!

Hi there, I'm a freelance artist working in the commercial animation industry in London. I'll be posting designs, illustrations & pages from my sketchbooks so check back regularly. Hope you enjoy them!