Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Animated movies at Cannes

'Un Monstre a Paris' isn't due for release until 2009 but the producers are so excited they put a MONSTER sized poster up on the Croisette.

It looks even better at night with the back-lighting.

These life-size models are sitting outside the Carlton Hotel.

This is the English name for the feature version of famous French character 'Lucky Luke'.

What is 'DRAGON HUNTERS'? never heard of it!

This can only BEE one movie...

The Carlton's facade has been 'TRANSFORMED'.


Anonymous said...

Nice photos from the Croisette ^^, especially the Monster in Paris' poster.
Dragon hunters' is a 2D TV cartoon.
This film is a 3D adaptation. There are a pilot, but it's pretty old (approximately 6 years):

Anonymous said...

hy (:
"Mac Guff" is working in Paris on Dragon Hunter's this year

Elliot Cowan said...

It looks like you went to the International Shitty Film Festival!

Oscar Grillo said...

What joy!!...I feel like sitting in front of my TV set watching videos of "Les Enfant du Paradis" or "Touchez pas le Grisbi" for the next ten years till the film going audiences grow up!!!!!

Boris Hiestand said...

Did you meet Jean Claude van Damme?
He had a very clever self promoting slogan years ago, which almost rhymes as well:

"Cannes will always be Cannes... with Jean Claude Van Damme".

Jason Kotey said... last!


I'm looking forward to this genre-defying, ground-breaking masterpiece.
The 'Citizen Kane' of these modern directionless times.
This film will lead the way for future CGI movies to come. Bring it on!

Jason Kotey said...

Looking forward to Zodiac!!
Even better than Fight Club and Seven? Surely not.

I wanna check this movie out...

DON LIN said...

man bet there is some good bars out there Matt.

Van Damme quote is very funny.

Did you know that the release of Iron Eagle was delayed a year as not to clash with Top Gun?

edhead said...

Wow you must be a super orange by now if you're standing in line for an hour to get to see these films.....

mr-dunn* said...

you miss camden parkway..i can feel it..

Matt Jones said...

Thanks for the comments everyone. Damien & Cali, thanks for the info-appreciated.