Tuesday, November 29, 2005

TATE life drawing Pt.11

Last night 3 members (Sean hayden, Boris Heistand et moi) of the European Chapter of the Animation Blogging Community went back to TATE Modern for another session of life drawing in the NUDE/BODY galleries of the collection. Here are my results from the evening.


MikeS said...

These are fantastic Matt! I especially love the top right corner of the top page! I don't understand how you can do life studies so cleanly!? I find I am all over the page trying to find the right line until it pops out! These are making me want to go sign up for life drawing class again!

Well done! Always love seeing these!

Doug said...

hey! it's great to see another JONES doing well out in cyber land... nice work!

Perry Linton Joseph Osuna said...

Thanks 4 taking the time to drop by, I love the new pieces but that because I have a love life drawing, I'd love any other words of wisdom your willing to share

Boris Hiestand said...

These are great- added digital grey is a nice little touch.
I had a good time though, and will post my own drawings tomorrow.

Hope to be back soon- it was nice seeing you again!

Unknown said...

WOoooo ... these sketches are very cool!! Beautiful!!

the doodlers said...

Beautiful sketches! You have a terrific way of drawing sculptures. 'The acrobats' is simple and gutsy.

Nice contrast between the model and the sculpt in the second one down.

It's fun to see the model in a setting with the art. Thanks for posting. Now let's see Boris's and Sean's!