Thursday, November 03, 2005

Klimt, Schiele, Moser, Kokoshka : Vienna : 1900

Klimt, Schiele, Moser, Kokoshka : Vienna : 1900 is THE autumn show in Paris. It's a BLOCKBUSTER! There were queues from 10am to 10pm & it took me FOUR attempts to get in ! I've been dazzled by Klimt's work since childhood but to see one of his paintings for real is truly something else. Normally his ouvre his exhibited only on in Vienna & Rome so to see so many of his important pieces in Paris is quite a unique opportunity. But the standout of the show is actually Egon Scheile, the sheer draughtmanship & energy is breathtaking. He died at 28 & achieved so much it shamed me!


Boris Hiestand said...

ah.. Schiele... love that bastard

Matt Jones said...

The 3 images posted above were part of the show. The self-portrait nude in the middle was on a HUGE canvas. Because of Schiele's tight, wiry draughtsmanship I expected the paintings to be smaller but they were all on a large scale.
And of course seeing Klimt's paintings in all their gold-leaf glory gave me goosebumps. Several of the most well known paintings were there including Danae (&her golden shower!) & Judith holding Holofernes' head. The vampiric KISS was not on show however.

Kokoshka is always interesting too & Moser was an intriguing find.