Thursday, November 24, 2005


Over on his blog,Sandwich Bag, Elliot Cowani has recently been exploring a Batman & Penguin theme. Partly inspired by him I present my version. I recently happened upon a blurred image of a 60's BATMAN comic in the background of a photo of 60's model Twiggy which you can see at the bottom of the page. I re-interpreted the imagery in the drawings above it.


Elliot said...

Gold Matt.
I love in particular the Joker at the top right and the big fat lips on Penguin.
Very fine work.

Kristian Antonelli said...
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St John Street said...

the desgins r great loose and free great feeling for the chr. I'd love any advice given about my work if possible

Bobby Chiu said...

great new look to some classic characters

JonJones said...
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JonJones said...

what did Robin say to call batman to the table for tea?

dinner dinner dinner dinner BATMAN!!!!!

ah thankyou!!!!!

alberto mielgo said...

those batmans characters are great.
Your style is always clean and so funny.
Your shapes are great allways, very clever.