Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Fun stuff from Gesture Class

1 Quick 30 second warm ups with Karate guy!

2 Alex had me switch to left handed drawing to try and break out of relying on drawing crutches, habits and tricks.

3  A couple more left-handed sketches with digital corrections

4 Another class with 2 models gave us a chance to play around with a couple of familiar characters!

5 Never drawn these guys before so they're somewhat off model.

6 This model came dressed as a gangster so our work was almost done for us-



9 These were all inspired by the same male model-spot the movie reference bottom left?

10 Final bunch, again all made from the same male model. 1 minute poses.


Logan Pearsall said...

Back to the Future Part II, final scene in the rain.... duh!

"Marty McFly... I've got something for you!"

Unknown said...

Nice! I like the boxers. Man, I've got to start going back to gesture class.

Nate Villanueva said...

such fun gestures!

Julia Lundman said...

i really feel the energy in them ALL!

Scribbler said...

fantastic work

Avner Geller said...

These are fantastic Matt, thanks for an inspiring class!

froggie is... said...

holy monkeys! LEFT HANDED matt? is there no end to your cosmic gesture powers? "-))

your LH lines are just as bouncy and alive. ty for sharing your alter you!

ps - buzz and woody are just wonnnderfully done! the string, the music the "bo-peep" mag! ha! "-))

Jamie Iles said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ashley Boddy said...

I really like the Karate stuff. I suppose the pose suggests itself a lot more than the "classic" figure poses. Lots of strong lines and definite shapes. The left handed stuff is great too. Have you tried double team drawing yet?

Myke Bakich said...

So Lively! super inspiring drawings Matt, thanks for sharing these.

Anonymous said...

Awesome awesome. Great to see this funny and crazy stuff.

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