Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Atelier Louis

Uli's found the best life drawing class I've ever been to! Local Nice artist Louis Dolle runs regular classes in his tiny studio near to the Russian Cathedral. It's a typically French affair-music is played in the background, the models chat with Louis & the other artists as they pose and wine is served up during the break!



The model made really interesting poses



Rapid warm-up poses between 10-20 seconds.





'Top of the cranium' angles are a challenge to draw.

Again, tricky perspective here-organizing the overlap of the forms was paramount.

This was fun-we attended a sculpture class just to do more drawing. The model was posed on a turntable so after 2 hours we had a whole 'turnaround' series of studies.


Kendra Melton said...

These are great! I really like the first sketch of the room with everyone drawing.

MikeS said...

These are stupendous, Matt! Beautiful and lively lines - I agree with Kendra, but I absolutely love the sketches in the middle of the rapid warm up and a few below! Fantastic sketches and studies!

Alan said...

Great sketches. Some troublesome angles. I love the facial profile in no.5; the liveliness of the quick sketches; that very Searle-y first image. Great

JP said...

looove them, matt!

stefan marjoram said...

What a beautiful series of drawings. It's great to see how you've occasionally simplified the body and how you emphasized some of the edges with heavier lines, then there's the shading... and the weight... and ... and

Paul Tuller said...

This is a great set!! Your figure drawings are inspirational -- especially the poses where the model is lying down

Dave 'Diamond' Merritt said...

Great work Matt of course. Really like the pose on number 3. The guy across from her must of had an interesting drawing of her as well.

Petit Nuage said...

Depuis 8 ans à nice c'est la première fois que j'ai entendu l'Atelier Louis! Merci pour l'info et bravo pour les croquis!

Matt Jones said...

Merci tout le monde!
Petit Nuage, voici le site de Louis:

John T Quinn III said...

Mr. Kardos told me you were coming to Burbank for the CTN expo. Stef, myself and much of my team will be there. I'm looking forward to your presentation and the opportunity to finally meet you. I hope your schedule will allow a stop for dinner and drinks.

P. Alvarado said...

Great drawings, wish I could be there drawing away as well.

Claudia Kleinheinz said...

WOW! all I can say: wow!!! These are amazing, great lines, rythm, flow, attitude, emotion,..... I could go on and on!!! Thanks for sharing those, I'm off to find a live drawing class immediately ;D

Matt Jones said...

Thanks for the encouraging comments folks. However the more I look at these the more simplistic & over-worked they look. I felt most inspired at the time but never seem to capture what I had hoped for.

Krystal said...

These are lovely, the line quality is so crisp!

Anonymous said...

I was going to the same kind of place... Tiny studio, good atmosphere coming from the artist "maitre des lieux", models really relaxed, 3 wornout tapes looping endlessly, and cidre or whatever came for the "pause" :) Good memories. Its awfull when you're high on drawing and when, later on, you start to realise... but its probably just the deception you're looking at. Give them a look back in six months. Looking at you drawing endlessly from life is inspiring. I'll be back to nude drawing next week, and your blog has something to do with it. Cheers,

Patrick said...

Fantastic series!

dAdAniMu said...

These are great!! I must say I'm an admirer of your line, it's so spontaneous but still with a lot of quality! What material do you use to sketch? I'm curious to know how do you achieve those grays. Thanks for sharing!

louis said...

Thank you Matt,
beautiful drawing,
you are welcome back anytime