Friday, May 05, 2006


The POSEIDON image from my 'GREEK GODS' series started as a more figurative design.

I thought it could be pushed further & wanted to make the figure more abstract & monumental. Perhaps it could go further?

This is the final working drawing.

I made the small painting first then used elements/textures from it for the digital version below.

For the colour palette I had in mind Picasso's 'Two women Running' as inspiration.


Oscar Grillo said...

Good model for inspiration, Matias!!!

juanjo nieto said...

el más rojo es un iracundo arrojando a la familia de casa
el más pink me parece un poseidón poseido de amor lanzando una botella de náufrago

Unknown said...

Great to see the thought process and the final result later!!. I love the small painting , I see that you cleaned it up in the digital version, specially the sky.I think it was kind of nice the "roughness" of the first.

Is this for a job? or is it a personal project?.

cheeerrss man!


Boris Hiestand said...

very nice! But why did you do the digital version? Although they are very similar, I prefer the painting, for its painterly qualities. If you had the Picasso in mind, have you thought of turning the saturation down? maybe it's my monitor, but it seems VERY bright pink.

Matt Jones said...

Hey thanks guys. This is just a personal project for fun. In my mind the Picasso WAS so pink but then I found that jpeg online & thought it looked kinda dull! The real guy it's based on looked like he'd lived on the beach all his like- he looked like a barnacle! I wanted to make Poseidon red raw from the sun, angry as heck & the same colour as abroiled lobster or prawn!

Drazen said...

thats great!
love the small painting too