Thursday, March 02, 2017

St. David's Day Doodle!

I was honoured to create a doodle to celebrate my homeland Wales. Here's the Google Doodle blog entry on it:

"Today’s Doodle depicts a Welsh Lovespoon in honor of St. David’s Day, a commemoration of Welsh culture, marked by festivals, parades, feasting, and music. As far back as the seventeenth century, young suitors carved ornate symbols (like anchors, horseshoes, and hearts) into wooden spoons. When the spoons were completed, they bestowed these gifts on their love interests as a sign that they could provide for them.
Lovespoons weren’t the only storied piece of Welsh culture considered for the St. David’s Day Doodle. Our guest Doodler Matt Jones also fiddled with dragons, choirs, corgis, castles, and harps as possible Doodle subjects.
Early dragon-themed Doodle concept drawings
In the end, the lovespoons just seemed like the best fit. “There's nothing quite like the love spoons in any other country,” Matt explained. “I think it's something worth teaching non-Welsh about. The lovespoons historically are a chance for the wood carver to show off so I wanted to make a Doodle with similar panache.”

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