Saturday, February 28, 2015

Drawing Venice

Venice, California that is. I explore the tranquil Venice canals with its beautiful houses only a few blocks from the craziness of Venice Beach.

You can see more of my painting & sketching videos here , here and here !


Unknown said...

Matt, you are perfection. Congrats!

Love the videos, too. Like your drawings, they are something quite simple, turned beautiful by sheer good taste power.

One question: how do you make this "pastel-like" or "dry-brush" marks, using brush and ink? Seemed to me you were using pen-brushes in this drawing. Is it possible to do "dry" brush strikes with these pens?

All the best,
Mauro Mello
(from Brazil)

Matt Jones said...

Thanks Mauro! Yes, brush pens and paper with a rough surface-watercolor paper. Hold the pen at an angle and the 'tooth' of the paper does the work for you.