Monday, April 28, 2014


A Gesture Class model recently turned up wearing the 'bandage' outfit from the Fifth Element! She even had an orange wig and really looked the part.  She had been part of a stage version of the film and re-enacted the story in her mind as she posed.  It really helped give authenticity to her poses and the 'bracelet' nature of the outfit turned out to be perfect short-hand to define volume.  It was a really fun session.  I don't usually add colour to gesture sketches but I felt the orange hair and white outfit needed highlighting.

1. Thirty second warm ups

2. One minute poses

3. One minute poses

4. One minute poses


Mark Sheard said...

Brilliant gesture drawing.

Sue Westcott said...


Matt Jones said...

Thanks you two!

Unknown said...

wOw WoW Wow awesome and inspiring. Thanks for sharing.

ibby k said...

those 30 sec poses are quality.