Wednesday, November 21, 2012


I've travelled far and wide the past month. First stop was several days in Berlin for a speaking engagement at a 'Culture Meets Science' conference.  The brutal East German winter hadn't hit yet so it was still possible to sketch outside comfortably.

 The city has an eclectic mix of modern and classical architecture and threaded throughout is a network of blue and pink piping!
 On my last day I made a beeline for the Brandenburg Gate-I couldn't leave without seeing it first hand.
This last picture is more impressionistic-my memories of Berlin.

While in town I looked up Deutsch-uber-wunderkinder Jakob Shuh and Uwe Heidschötter-they showed me around Studio Soi and drew in my book-danke!

Back in SanFrancisco I showed new resident Mr Cruickshank around-we mingled with the un-dead at Dios de Los Muertos in the Mission and hit Ocean Beach to draw the (wrong) windmill.

 Seal rocks are impressive but not as impressive as the Farallons!  In the spirit of high seas adventure we took a day trip out to the islands where humpback whales spout & breach, rare birds nest and great white sharks bite the heads off elephant seals! Not much drawing that day . . .

 Then down to Los Angeles for CTN-X 2012. We stayed around Venice Beach, soaking up the culture and avoiding the nutters.
Highlight of the trip was catching the spectacular Stanley Kubrick exhibition at LACMA
Happy Thanksgiving!


Jesse said...

amazing work matt!

ketepo said...

wow inspiring sketches

Toni Reyna said...

Looks great!

Scribbler said...

Fantastic work!

Matt Jones said...

Thank you friends!

Liam R. Findlay said...

I've had a look at some of your life drawings and other work on here; I hope to do the Animation Production course at Bournemouth next year and your stuff is quite inspiring! I'm going to refer to your life drawings in a project I'm doing :)

Matt Jones said...

Cheers Liam-good luck with the course.

Unknown said...

So Berlin has made 'contact' :-)
Uwe was 'sicherlich' great to meet... komm gut ins neue Jahr... Good luck for upcoming work!