Friday, August 31, 2012


Digital arts mag TRIBE has published a spread of my San Francisco sketches, available to view freely here. I'd encourage all my creative blog friends to submit work to Tribe mag too.

All these sketches were made on location around the city over the summer.

The Mission & North Beach


Fishermans' Wharf


Unknown said...

It's a great looking spread. My favorite is the old smokehouse

Matt Jones said...

Thanks Deane-I feel it looks lost floating on the page like that I should've 'connected' it to the wharf on the left.

Unknown said...

I really like that about it..I think the eye fills in the unseen detail easily.

Unknown said...

Well, these sketches are superb. I particularly like Chinatown and how you interpreted it, for being there few times sketching myself, I know how complex these streets and buildings are to draw, and you did a fantastic job capturing it.

Matt Jones said...

Merci Stef, I love getting caught up in the insane detail in Chinatown. The locals are funny too- they always stop, watch me draw, make compliments then tell me I got the letter-forms wrong or missed a window etc.

It's interesting to hear which drawings are preferred-thanks for the comment.