Monday, October 18, 2010

Recent Activity

Just before leaving the UK I visited my old art college back home in Bangor, North Wales.  I was asked to talk to the students about my career path since I studied there.  They had only just started their Art Foundation course so I tried to impress upon them the importance of carrying a sketchbook & let them look through the one I had with me.

I looked in on the students in the life-drawing room, it felt strange to be back in the same room where I began my art education 15 years ago!  The model hasn't aged so well though!

I also had the opportunity to visit Ronald Searle again with Uli Meyer.  Once more we were treated to old school, classy hospitality by the Searles who wined & dined us for another memorable afternoon in Provence.  We arrived well before lunch which enabled me to sketch the beautiful village square as we relaxed at the café terrasse.
In San Francisco last weekend I went along to APE to support some of my friends & colleagues who had booths.  The incredible artistry of their comics & sketchbooks makes me want to join in next year with an offering of my own.  Katy Wu's Tiger Bee was one of my favourite finds.

She was also part of the 'Round Robin' book with Dani Strijleva and Jennifer Chang.  Their table was very popular at the expo.  They were flanked by messrs Josh Cooley, Bill Presing and speed painter extraordinaire Scott Morse.

Across the hall my colleague Jamie Baker was on a table next to the Anthology 451 boys; Kris Pearn, John Hoffman and Craig Berry.  They were in the comic-con seasoned company of Ted Mathot and Derek 'Monster' Thompson.

Photo by Elaine Wu


James Baker said...

It'll be YOU behind the table next time.

Scribbler said...

really class sketches

craig said...

HA! Great to meet you Matt. I'm sure we'll see you down this way sometime

Quentin Lebegue said...

Cool ! Those student must have felt so inspired to hear you talk about your career and your journey to Pixar. Awesome. Loving the sketches, too.

Congratulations again for your new job !

Unknown said...

Great stuff. I can see that life is good so far in SF. I'll pop by to say hi soon. Love the new blog layout.
Bises mon Lou!

Paul Tuller said...

getting to speak at your old art school must have been great!

Matthew Cruickshank said...

Love the selection of APE visuals!