Sunday, February 07, 2010


A couple of weeks ago while driving back from Nice I stopped over in Paris for a special screening of 'A Monster In Paris' -the film I storyboarded on between 2006 and 2008.

Bibo had invited me to attend a work-in-progress screening of the picture with the rest of the crew. Also in attendance was Matthieu 'M' Chédid who has composed the films music & songs and also voices the eponymous monstre. Vanessa Paradis plays the heroine & Danny Huston channels his father's unique timbre as the villain of the piece.
The studio is well into animation and on target for their Easter 2011 release date. Animation supervisor is Fabrice Joubert who was just Oscar nominated for his short French Roast.

The production is now suitably based in the Studio Méliès, built on the site of the original studio of cinema effects pioneer Georges Méliès.
The film is financed by Luc Besson's company Europacorp. Besson himself is finishing up work on his new film 'Les Aventures extraordinaires d'Adèle Blanc-Sec'-an adaptation of Jacques Tardi's comicbooks. It's set in the same period as 'A Monster In Paris' and looks like a live action version of that film.

'A Monster In Paris' is looking great so far-the animation style is really loose & cartoony. The production design by François Moret and his team is outstanding. The film has been made with as much class, skill & style as the French produce clothes, cakes, wine & fine art. Only 14 months more until the monster is unleashed . . .


Jeroen said...

Wow Matt, it seems like you've been having an incredible interesting and diverse life lately. Good on you!

Are you not in Bristol any more? What you upto now then?

tomm said...

this is very very heartening to hear....cant wait to see this one.

Matt Jones said...

Jeroen-I should be around Bristol for a month or two yet.

Tomm-both I hope you & Fabrice Joubert will be celebrating at the Oscars soon-fingers crossed