Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Aurora y Balaban

Raja & I watched 'The Orpahange' recently & we were gripped. We were clutching each other tightly in the cinema, watching it between our fingers! It reclaims every 'haunted house' genre convention with feature debut director Juan Antonio Bayona pulling all the right strings. There are a couple of moments that are real heart stoppers!
I made this drawing inspired by two great characters who show up half way through. Aurora & Balaban are 'paranormal investigators' played by Geraldine Chaplin & Edgar Vivar. They reminded me of the scenes in Poltergeist with the parapsychologists & the medium Tangina Barrons (Zelda Rubinstein). Let's hope Senor Del Toro sanctions a spin-off movie featuring these two.


max said...

Thanks for flagging up this, I run and see it, I may be making it tomorrow.
As I read what you wrote I thought about "The Devil's Backbone", the only film that in recent years managed to scare the shit out of me, in fact I see that this one is also produced by Guillermo Del Toro.

libra bear said...

This movie was great, really loved the story. So many killer scenes, and the way you captured these characters is awesome, especially madams eyes.

Unknown said...

Haven't seen the film yet, but will look into it. Your quite the artist, I like your style of drawing. I might need your skills one day.

Kristian said...

I am desperate to see this flick. From what i've read it has all the best elements to a horror.
Great drawing, i'll make another comment once i've seen the movie

Jeroen said...

It came out in london a few weeks ago, it's on my list, but as usual, animation has taken over my life again. But I WILL see it!
Ironically (not sure if that's the right word) On the film's opening week here, it was revealed in the news that in Jersey lots of naughty things had been done to children in an orphanage. Was it a pr stunt?

Matt Jones said...

Ha! I heard about that orphanage in England-coincidence? Hope you guys all get to see this film on the big screen with a large audience. It's shocks will be reduced at home on DVD. Thanks for the comments.