Saturday, January 06, 2007

Cadeaux Noel

Look what goodies Santa brought me this year!

ANIMATION BLAST! Issue 9 - at last! Well worth the FOUR year wait. Excellent articles on Johns Sibley & Dunn. The article on 'forgotten movie' TWICE UPON A TIME is fascinating. I hope this film becomes available on DVD. Looking forward to issue 10 Amid.

BLAST!issue 9 is perfectly complimented by Amid's other publication, CARTOON MODERN. Congratulations to Amid for an informative & oustanding visual feast. So many fims & artists I was not familiar with. This book is 50's heaven.

This is a collection of Arthur de Pins'comic strips for MAX magazine. Beautiful colour work & cute, sexy characters in funny situations.

I caught NAKED BEACH FRENZY a couple years ago at the London Animation Festival & can't wait to see what frenzied Kricfalunacy Spumco have cooked up with the other episodes.

New book from master colourist & big nose specialist Voutch.

Comprehensive collection of the best of Eldon Dedini, including a DVD with a 30 minute documentary on the man. Eldon's mantra- wake up everyday & BE HAPPY!


Boris Hiestand said...

you know I love you, but dammit start showing some of your own work, ya bum!

Elliot Cowan said...

I have had Twice Upon a Time in VHS since 1987 when it was aired on Australian television.
It's a fascinating watch but the best part about it is the extremely conversational, casual and natural sounding voice track that includes some vo giants such as Lorenzo Music and another fellow whose name I don't recall.

the doodlers said...

Voutch... so cool. You have got good taste sir.

Cheers from Arna and John!

chenguin said...

Dedini ist meine Liebling Zeitschrift. Porn ist nicht eine Sünde. Ihre Arbeit ist mittelmäßig.