Saturday, September 10, 2005

More Cookie Crisp

With the COOKIE CRISP ads we try & go all out & give them as high production values as possible. I'm involved early on after Uli has made the storyboard & animatic. I'll take the key scenes & produce colour set-ups as a guide for the CG dept. to follow. I design the backgrounds, houses & any props involved. I was pretty happy with the design of the log-cabin above but the agency felt it looked too rustic & it ended up pink in the finished ad!


gur-B said...

Hey Matt, think I said it before, don't mind saying it again "this stuff is absolutely amazing". Just love the way you make the two worlds of 2D/-3D graphics work together. Thumbs up dude, big time !

Matt J said...

Cheers Gerby! They're still not as the same without your animation though.

Matthew Cruickshank said...

Such strong design sense, as Gerby says the perfect compliment of drawing and rendering.