Saturday, September 10, 2005

More Cookie Crisp

With the COOKIE CRISP ads we try & go all out & give them as high production values as possible. I'm involved early on after Uli has made the storyboard & animatic. I'll take the key scenes & produce colour set-ups as a guide for the CG dept. to follow. I design the backgrounds, houses & any props involved. I was pretty happy with the design of the log-cabin above but the agency felt it looked too rustic & it ended up pink in the finished ad!


gur-B said...

Hey Matt, think I said it before, don't mind saying it again "this stuff is absolutely amazing". Just love the way you make the two worlds of 2D/-3D graphics work together. Thumbs up dude, big time !

Matt Jones said...

Cheers Gerby! They're still not as the same without your animation though.

Matthew Cruickshank said...

Such strong design sense, as Gerby says the perfect compliment of drawing and rendering.