Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Sunday Times Magazine Photospread

'A polar bear with a fresh kill, on drifting ice in the Arctic Ocean off Svalbard - an archipelago situated between Norway & the North Pole.'
Photograph: Pal Hermansen, Norway

'Mallam Galadima Ahamadu with a captive hyena in Nigeria. Last year, Ahamadu was travelling as part of a group of entertainers parading hyenas, monkeys & pythons through the. The hyenas are tranquilised & captured in the wild, trained, & disciplined with a stick.'
Photograph: Pieter Hugo, South Africa


Elliot said...

I think Limobolo posted that image of the bloke with the hyena.
It's amazing.
That is either a very brave or very stupid kid, or a very old and subdued hyena.
How does one subdue a hyena I wonder?

Matt J said...

Same photographer, different shot -

limbolo said...

Pieter Hugo's photography is great. I've wanted to know more about the world of the Hyena men ever since I first saw these pictures but nothing new has come along.
I'm inclined to think the story will not be for the sentimental.

Matt J said...

Did you see the website? There's a few more shots on there.

limbolo said...

I remember something I must have seen in a documentary years ago: Hyenas maintain a female dominant regime. The guys are kept well down the pecking order by their ladies. Perhaps these are boy Hyenas.
Hyenas are savage nature's big BITE. All those we see in Pieter Hugo's shots look well muzzled....Probably sensible. Beyond that I would imagine they get the shit kicked out them on a regular basis. Or is this a heart-warming, life-affiming tale of Hyena-whispering?
There are brief, memorable scenes of wild, frantically snapping hyenas being dragged through crowds in Werner Herzog's chaotic, tragic masterpiece, COBRA VERDE.