Wednesday, April 05, 2006


No life drawing for me this week but here's some I did back in 2000. Steve Roberts who runs the animation course at Central St. Martins set up an open class after hours. We were tutored by a lovely Spanish lady named Isobel.


Oscar Grillo said...

A pound of flesh.

Bodil Bang Heinemeier said...

Hey Matt,

Great, great work... You are so good:)


Matt J said...

Thanks Shylock!
Bodil, good to hear from you, how's it going?

Kristian Antonelli said...
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ken said...

These are fantastic :D

Mark said...

This color stuff is HOT DIGGEDY!...Real nice stuff man...look forward to meeting you one day....I'll be the annoying one picking your brains all evening ;)

All The Best