Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Life Drawing 25th April 2006

The smaller drawings here represent a moving pose. The more developed ones are 30 second - 2 minute warm ups.

Struggled to get the tension in the shoulder & arm that the model is leaning on. It needs subtle drawing in the muscles & position of the shoulder blades but I ended up making a hash of it. Limited time on this pose (20 mins) meant I was trying to find some quick marks to indicate the muscles bunching up but there's too many meaningless marks here.

Interesting to draw the hoop in these poses - it helps one gauge space & dimension when drawing.


Elliot said...

In the one at the very bottom, is he looking for his contact lense?

Karl Zipser said...

I think you do a good job of capturing the solidity and strength of the figure. It is interesting how much you can accomplish with such a short pose. Perhaps the time constraint serves to focus the attention.

A. Riabovitchev said...

Great sketches Matt!:o)

ELiza J├Ąppinen said...

Really interesting blog, really nice sketches :)