Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Spent the weekend in Paris & finally managed to get hold of some books by Kiraz. He draws such strangely proportioned girls but they somehow seem to work. They have infantile heads & faces, no hips or busts, over-long legs & torsos but are still sexy! Kiraz's colour palette is what make his paintings pop. He's in his eighties & still working I believe, but apparently he's very reclusive.


Sean said...

Hey Matt! Thanks for checking out my blog. You're illustrations are awesome! And those commercial bgs are stunning. I'll be checking back often. Oh yeah, and Kiraz is one of my favorites!

limbolo said...

He must be tucked away with one of these chicks.

Drazen said...

Kiraz is fantastic, such a gorgeous palette.

rubio2d said...

Hello Matt!
Great Kiraz (it's really alive? 80 and still working..awesome guy)
you can find some Kiraz illustrations in this Playboy book
It's true, his girls has so strange proportions, but they are really sexy and cute in some extrordinary way.
He has got a very strong story-telling, a cartoon story inside every image.
Another good mate is Sokol

Matt J said...

Hey Rubio, I know the PLAYBOY book - FULL of fantastic illustrations. SOKOL is my favourite. Managed to get hold of one of his later books from Germany but his earlier work is stronger, especially the PLAYBOY stuff. I've found a lot of it on Shane Gline's forum - you know the drawing board?

rubio2d said...

Hi Matt,
I Know about Shane Glines's cartoon-retro but it's a pay-site, isn't it?
I don't know the drawing board, is there a link?

serge said...

Hi everyone, just want to let you know that the original cartoons from KIRAZ are now for sale.
If you know anyone who would be interested, please let me know.



serge said...
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