Monday, March 28, 2011

Latest Gesture session

1   Rapid 30 second warm-ups

2   Poses between 1 and 2 minutes

3 The model held the headstand for one minute!





8 Starting to get some life into these; character, expression, story . . .

9 Just as I was warmed up the session was over, as usual!


UM said...

You're getting really good at this! These are the best yet Matt, very expressive and you can feel the tension in the poses. Very nice!

"TORI CAT" said...

Matt these are AMAZING!!! You never fail to impress me!!
I love your fluid and very expressive lines, creating such great character in your gesture drawing!!
So much energy!! You make it look so easy.... im itching to do some life drawing... right now at 1:30am!!
Thanks, so inspiring as usual!!

Hope your keeping well? Im coming back to LA for a couple of months before my opp at the end of the summer.
I'll be working at San Diago comic con and plan to visit the all studios, so maybe see you some time soon?? :)

All the best!!
Big hugs from the UK,


Matt J said...

Uli - thanks, regular sessions really help, I plan to do it twice a week now.

Tori-appreciate the support. San Diego should be fun-will you wear a costume?

Rosie said...

Your people have oodles of personality.

Kristian said...

I agree with Uli these are really somethin'.
I do wish there was a similar class in London.

Matt J said...

Rosie- I'm constantly trying to get expression in these drawings, so thanks!

K-American models are so much better-they're all natural performers here! I don't miss the wooden, stiff, un-dynamic poses of UK art classes!

MikeS said...

I concur with what's already been said, but as the session went on, you've begun to find the caricature in the poses as well. Wonderful, Matt!

Anonymous said...

Tasty, elastic drawings, matt. Lovely

Mark said...

sweet studies.. wicked blog

Matt J said...

Thanks all!

joonasjoonas said...

insanely good! you can feel the forces!

Matt J said...

Thanks! I was feeling the Force myself . . .