Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Life drawing pt.3

Last week was back to life class to start a 10 week course. I managed to coerce most of the art department & half the story crew of 'Arthur Christmas' into joining the class. We were all somewhat rusty but felt good afterwards having made the effort.

This was a terrific pose with interesting shapes but the fore-shortening was problematic. I really failed with that top knee cap & delineating the orientation of the pelvis & insertion of that near thigh.

This model had a natural elegance which I figured may make an interesting drawing but I got caught up in the tonal work & goofed it up.

This older model had a great silhouette in this pose. I was struck by the negative space formed by the love handle & the tension in that arm.

By this last one I was just loosening up but the class was over & we had to leave!


Unknown said...

Comment ca va Matt? Tu t'amuses bien chez Aardman?

Matt Jones said...

Bien sur- ca va tres bien ici. Je suis TRES occupe- et toi? J'ai vu Crookie et Gerby la weekend derniere. On a passe un beau apres midi avec Oscar et Patricia dans son jardin. J'ai vu Coraline en 3-D et trouve un collection des originaux par Ronald Searle dans les archives de la musee Brittanique.
Le weekend prochaine je vais visiter Gerby en Hollande. Peut etre je peux tu visiter a Los Angeles bientot?

Oscar Grillo said...

Check here:

Alan said...

Is this like a dry-brush or dry-marker? It's a great style, that suits the sweeping lines you create. A fair and honest criticism of the foreshortening - that is tough but that's by no means a failure. I like the lower leg in that and the other lying models: the way you handle the knee from a head-on angle.
I like the quick sketches at the top too - especially the well captured posture of the sketch on the left hand side, of the subject from behind leaning over a table. Enjoyable post!

Matt Jones said...

Thanks Alan-I drew mostly with a dried-out TOMBOW brush pen. The girl leaning over had a peculiar stance-looked very uncomfortable to draw like that.

jeremy Charpentier said...

love the line

Antoine said...

Hi Matt !
je suis impressionné par ton français didonc !!!
la bise :)

Matt Jones said...

Salut Antoine! Comment tu va mon ami? Toujours a Paris? Travaille ou exactement?

Tatevik Avakyan said...

Great work with the figures. I really like how you rendered the pose of the woman with her back.