Friday, November 03, 2006


Before I left Paris I managed to squeeze in a couple more exhibitions. To celebrate the 400 years since Rembrandt's death Paris is hosting several shows in honour of the great Dutch master, of which these two are the main ones. REMBRANDT:dessinateur at the Louvre is a collection of original sketches, drawings & studies, including those made for the 'hundred guilder' print. To get this close to the master is always inspiring & to be able to study his work up close is enlightening. There are many in-jokes & references to be found & he seemed to love including dogs as often as possible!

The second show, Rembrandt:Eaux-Fortes, is at the Petit Palais.
On display are scores of prints & engravings made throughout his life. Many are no bigger than a postage stamp & look like they've been etched with a needle. Extremely fine artistry & bravura draughtsmanship in both shows. I couldn't make it to Holland this year to view the special celebratory exhibitions but these two shows in Paris are a fine alternative.


Jeroen said...

Hi Matt,
I really adore your blog! Your drawings are great, and I've been spending way too much time looking at those Glen Keane linetests. Very inspiring, yet frustrating ... so much to learn.
I read you used to work in london. Any reason why you headed for France?

Matthew Cruickshank said...

I remember seeing that self portrait at a show in London. It's incredibly small. The image was used on all types of merchandise on a much bigger scale. It's astounding.

Todd Harris said...

Matt, this is a great blog you have here. your sketches are amazing. great job.

Massimo Montigiani said...

Great sketch!

Matt Jones said...

J- thanks for the kind words. You must mean the LINK to the Glen Keane fanblog right?
Headed to France for the sake of LOVE!

M- Rembrandt must have had TINY hands & VERY good eyesight. As you say, the scale of some of these etchings ois mind-boggling.

T -appreciated. Mutual admiration - you have STUPENDOUS painting on your site.