Sunday, November 26, 2006

Le Magnifique

Stef, Will Kane & the rest of France will probably already know this film but I'm 35 years late in discovering it! My French colleagues showed this to me & it's a revelation! Mike Myers must have seen this before making the Austin Powers films, it has all the ingredients that Myers used & more. Belmondo is a comic genius, Bisset is gorgeous, the production design is fabulous & the 'parallel' realities an inspired take on the super-spy genre.
This is one movie that fulfills the thrills promised on its groovy poster.

Belmondo poster gallery.


Cali said...

Un de mes préférés (:

tiens, tu en trouveras peut-être d'autres qui te plairaient dans mes liens films ? :

Dela said...

Well I will really try to find that one here in Canada .Thank you.

Boris Hiestand said...

you're in France my Welsh buddy. Get all the cinema from the 40s til now in ye!

A. Riabovitchev said...

This film one of the best from Belmondo collection. And I think one of the best parody on James Bond films also.:o)

Matt J said...

Cali- merci, tres bien collection de liens.

Dela-DVD is available in French\English edition so you should be able to find it in Canada.

Boris- Renoir's films are as boring as his father's paintings!

Andrei- I want to see more of Belmondo but I'm told he was never as funny as in Le Magnifique.

Richard Mitchelson said...

would be good to see your face and that pic, made me smile anyway. hope all is good and thanks for the cultural review, perhaps a regular feature? 'Matt's Cultural Review', next week, the finer points of french beer!!!

Oscar Grillo said...

Salut, Jonz...From Buenos Aires I still miss you. I´ll be back on Blighty on friday.

Drazen said...

Never seen this ! have to hunt it down too
great baby by the way!

Stef said...

Tres bon film indeed! Glad to see that you're discovering all the best from the French culture. Bientot tu vas faire le pain mieux que nous!

Will Kane said...

Wow, never heard of it!

I'm straight onto amazon right now!

If you ever hear of anything like this again, let me know right away!