Monday, July 20, 2015

Plein Air

The fine weather and light of Los Angeles is inspiring me to paint on location more this year. There are so many beautiful spots down the coast and hidden architectural gems within the city. These are pretty quick sketches - no more than 40 mins each.

'El Segundo'

'Point Vicente Lighthouse' Watercolour sketch below and gouache study above



  The Lawrence and Martha Joseph Residence, Culver City

Hutchison Ave, Helms District

Two angles of a modernist home on Helms Avenue.

'Fay Street'

'El Baron on Washington'

'Baldwin Hills Oil Field'

Modern beach-front house on 'Venice Beach'

 The 'Samitaur' building in the Hayden Tract designed by architect Eric Owen Moss (Culver City).

I stopped on the way home at Marina Del Rey and found this fishing boat just returned -at least it smelled like a fishing boat. Its crew were swabbing the deck which attracted a mob of gulls and small pelicans.


k.mediani said...

These are gorgeous! The perspective on the roof tiles in "Poisenttia" is superb!

Linda said...

They are all beautiful! You have a tremendous talent!

Sean Hayden said...

Hey matt, hope you're well. Great to see the reliable blogger is still such. Your location sketches are as awsome as always, great stuff, always inspiring to see your still posting.

Matt Jones said...

Thanks ladies. Great to hear from you Sean!

Oscar Grillo said...

Truly lovely stuff, Matt!

Arna said...

Hello Matt. Nice nice paintings...are they gouache?

Matt Jones said...

Thanks Oscar!

arna- yes, they are all gouache (+ sweat and tears)