Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Bay Area Sketchcrawl summer 2014

 The 'Russian Mansion' on Alamo Square.

 Haight and Masonic. The nudist strolled past and into my picture, his modesty preserved by a golden fig leaf! The freaks, hippies, beatniks and junkies still flourish in Haight Ashbury.

 A trip to Berkeley Marina. The pier above stretches 3000 ft into the Bay!

 Mojo Bicycle Cafe on Divisadero.

 A couple views from the top of Piedmont Cemetery with Downtown Oakland in the background and the Bay behind.

These old navy vets were in full uniform for a memorial service. They each carried a rifle and fired a salute for their departed brother.


This house on 'Billionaire's Row' in Pacific Heights looks like a Greek temple.

Mansion over-looking the Bay on Lafayette Square. Apparently the largest private residence in San Francisco and owned by Danielle Steele.


Robb said...

I love all these - Russian Mansion, House on Billionaire's Row, Navy Vets, and Cemetery are favorites! Thanks for sharing these here, Matt!!!

Jamie Iles said...

Well observed! I don't have a favourite, I think all of them have lots of character and life. I also like how you've utilised your materials to get different brush strokes. Beautiful Matt :D

Matt Jones said...

Thanks fellas! I appreciate the feedback

TEFENKGI Alexandre said...

Great work the backgrounds are really full of life. It's almost as if they could speak!