Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Zero Friends Movie Night!

San Francisco artist Ben Walker organizes unique drawing events all over the city-the last one I attended was the 'Bizarro: Drawing with the WRONG hand' event.  Last Friday Ben invited a bunch of us to Haight Ashbury artspace & clothing store Zero Friends to spend an evening drawing from a movie.  We all brought a dvd of our choice and put them together in a bag, then one was chosen at random to play and inspire our sketching.  You have to move fast when drawing from a 'live' movie!  It helped that I did a little bit of work storyboarding on this film so I was familiar with the character designs.


minacoleta said...

I love it! This makes me want to do this exercise sometime on my own (or mayhaps with a group of friends!)


Little Gothic Horrors said...

I love 'ParaNorman' (love LAIKA! ) and your drawings are wonderful! Especially the witch! :) What a great art exercise.