Thursday, August 22, 2013

Clement St.

Observational sketches made on location around San Francisco & Monterey, Northern California 2013.

'Clement & 8th-Inner Richmond'
Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Thai . . .

'Balboa Park MUNI'

'Haight & Clayton'

'Mission & 19th

'Rocket Man!'

'Noe Valley'

'North Beach'



Matthew Cruickshank said...

SF never looked better! Hurry up, it's your round.....

Maureen said...

Oh, wow. It would be fun to go sketching with you. You seem to know all the sites.

Terry Song said...

Love these, Matt, especially how you use the tones...Awesome details in the architecture, just fearless!

Matt Jones said...

Thanks friends!

Bagilla said...

Nice drawings! Also a thrill to be able to work and sketch around that area, I bet!
enjoy your blogs alot!