Monday, June 04, 2012

Gesture Drawing News

Alex Woo and Louis Gonzales were recently in Toronto to lead a Schoolism Gesture Class. They are also putting together an exciting book project on their approach to Gesture Drawing. Here are some of my latest sketches from our regular sessions.

30 sec-1 min. warm ups

Pushing the pose & extrapolating character

Inspired by John Carter of Mars

 We usually don't require models in costume but this lady had a great belly-dancer outfit.


Myke Bakich said...

These are lovely Matt! I was lucky enough to attend Alex and Louis Schoolism class. It was sensational, not only are they wonderful fella's, incredibly talented and such, but they were fantastic teachers aswell.

rad sechrist said...

these are so amazing!!!

Matt J said...

Hey Myke- I've seen your Gesture Drawings on your blog- good work.

Rad-appreciated :)

Benoit Therriault said...

I took Alex's online class and attended their class in Toronto last week too:) They are amazing teachers and I think the same of your gestures.

Hope you keep sharing them.. you are truly my third teacher:D

Alex_Munguia said...

These are awesome. Any idea when the book will be available?

Sean Hayden said...

hey Matt, hows it going. niiice drawings as always, cheers for comment.

Matt J said...

Benoit-merci beaucoup!

Alex-no publication date

Sean-see this?

Jamie Iles said...

These are awesome!