Thursday, May 05, 2011

Gesture Fun!

The most important thing in Gesture Class is to have FUN! If I get too wrapped up in anatomy and try to capture the 'real' pose the drawings tend to be boring.  However it is possible to go too far in the opposite direction.  Here's a selection of cartoony poses that came out of the last few sessions.


Alex insists we study the pose for 15 seconds without drawing  and decide what it is exactly we want to draw.  We write down the attitude we have in mind and let that inform the drawing.











Michael Mercer said...


Alan said...

I love your gesture stuff. They're a real lesson. I wish I could be this free and get to the essence of a pose like this

Logan Pearsall said...

oh the mind you have.

Gill Face said...

Hahahaha! These are so fun! Going to try killing and decapitating my models in my next session! On paper of course!

Matthew Cruickshank said...

Much better!!!!!

Anonymous said...

This is fantastic stuff!!! Wow, I love it! The enthusiasm really flows right outta the page.

MJ said...

Great poses full of life as usual!

Cherie said...

These are absolutely wonderful! I love everything about them!

Dustin d'Arnault said...


Matt J said...

Thanks for the kind comments everybody :)

Mark Stanleigh said...

Beautiful Story drawings Matt! Your works never cease to inspire me.

Matt J said...

Cheers Mark!

froggie said...

holey monkeys! how fantastic! love how in your head, all people are maleable wet noodles and you can do whatevvvver you want with em!" love how you push the gestures! thanks so much for sharing these!

hey matt, is it ok to ask just what pen/pencil/pretzel stick you use? the line is so quirky - just curious. "-)

Matt J said...

Thanks Froggie! "maleable wet noodles" that's funny! I tend to draw with a trusty ol' Tombow Brush pen or a Sharpie or whatever pen is to hand.

Toni Reyna said...

Hi Matt!
Really nice stuff here.
Last week was great to meet you at last!!


Matt J said...

Gracias Tony! Good to meet you too :)

Anonymous said...

inimaginable llo
visto por mi persona..
creiblemente tiempo
por ver esto lo pago esta bien buenisimo...heee good man