Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Today's Nude

Last week several of us took part in the life drawing initiative tied into the Channel 4 series Today's Nude. Free life classes were staged across the country to encourage people to start drawing & of course we couldn't resist going along to the Bristol class as it was just down the road from the studio.

The first episode of the series is online here. It features Maggi Hambling talking about her approach to & philosophy of life drawing. She's a terrific artist & it's fascinating viewing.

Those of us in the 'Arthur Christmas' story team have started a blog dedicated to the life classes we've been attending.

I've added some recent sketches to the Urban Sketchers blog here. There are more here too.

I've also put up the first part of my report on my last visit with Ronald Searle.


Ben Harper said...

Your life drawings are absolutely beautiful Matt. very inspiring.

alan said...

I second Ben. Billiant studies
So far I've only caught up online with the first episode of Channel 4's 'Today's Nude', with Maggi hambling. I know the poitn is to have long shots of the nude so the viewer can have a go at drawing, but I was disappointed they didn't edit in more of Maggi Hambling's phenomenal drawing.

Paul's Paper Escapade said...

Hey Matt! The life skethes are beautiful & The cafe sketches are awesome. I'll have to check out the urban sketches blog

Bianca Beneduci said...

Stunning work! Big fan, thanks for sharing!

J said...

love your blog at my frist,
I found from Gare delyon sketch.
your nude remined me of the first year in drawring class,Now I added favorites to my com and hope to be a blogger very soon (may boring to visit my blog)Thanks for exciting Fantastic sketch blog!!!