Monday, August 21, 2006


Here are some pics from my recent break in the South. Unfortunately the Musée Picasso Nice is closed for a year but the Musée Matisse made a fine second choice.

The museum is housed in a beautiful 17th century villa where Matisse lived.

Sketches I made of sculpture by Matisse.

Cannes is dotted with buildings that have enormous cinema themed murals painted on them.

These sand sculptures were drawing crowds on the beach at Cannes.


Smook said...

It looks like paradise. Those wall murals are ever impressive.

A bientot.

the doodlers said...

Those sand sculptures remind me of EEK THE CAT, a cartoon we worked on way back when. But these sand sculpture guys look like they're pretty liberated, what with suckling the kids in public and all...

Oscar Grillo said...

The sand sculptures remindme of Elliot.

Matt J said...

It's the glazed expression & lolling tongueno doubt ?-

Oscar Grillo said...

Now that you mention it, I think that's what it is!....And the hairy legs.

loret said...

Thanks for the photograph!

Je n'avais pas encore vu tout cela à Nice, c'est une découverte pour moi!

Richard Gaines said...

Those walls with the Trumpe l'oeil movie memorabilia is certainly deceived my eye the first time I saw them! I can't fathom any words that can describe the "awesomeness" of these paintings. Paris must be great!