Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Pi in the sky

Now the Times Life Of Pi illustration has closed I was going to post my Life Of Pi entry until I discovered that half my artwork archive has been deleted from the studio server! The final piece wasn't too different from the original shown here - it was in dust-jacket format with a revised Orang & Hyena & the 'island' added in the background.

Here's some thumbnails that I did while exploring the island & alternative images.

While on a 'tiger' theme,this series of photos appeared in the Sunday Times a couple weeks back. I was struck by the sheer power & grace in the animal's leap.

All 15 shortlisted Pi illustrations can be viewed at


Elliot said...

When I was in uni I had a remarkable picture of some poor Buhddist monk who had been attacked by a tiger and survived.
It had taken off his scalp and the edges had grown flat against the skull.
The exposed skull was all pock marked with tooth holes and I always imagined it would be a useful place to pop a few pencils.

edhead said...

that tigers pretty darned amaaaaaazing stuff - pls can I borrow the original to copy at full size sm time soon before you vanish? btw - where were you + tim on tues?

Gary Cherrignton said...

Hey matt, These are fantastic. I read the
book a while ago and loved it. Really inspiring!! Was this an entry for a competition?

Matt J said...

Elliot - disturbing b ut highly amusing story!

Ed - 'fraid it's in the recycling bin, but i'll have a look tonight. Went life drawing Monday. Tuesday next week.

Gary- it was for the competition mentioned at the bottom of the post

Matthew Cruickshank said...

Much respect to a man who can post the same illustration 4 TIMES. A man after my own Blog.

What can I say? We was duuuped!

The pictures of that mad pusshy cat are overwhelming.


Sean Hayden said...

The island sketches! - Great depiction of the book! and the zebra in the top image is great.
Not sure about some of the times finalists, a bit hit and miss?

mr-dunn* said...

matt-do you have a better link to the other shortlisted images?-i got confoosed on the times site..big ups to you and tim.
i got zkebab as a word verification!-tasty

edhead said...

Gibber!!! how could you throw such a stunning set of images awaaaaay!!?!? :( At least you recylce though, so I forgive you.
I don't seem to get such tasty word verifications... I don't believe one can eat 'yguoeuv'...

Matt J said...

I found blogging is a great way to archive work/images without having to keep hard copies. I can throw away (I mean recycle) all the paper & sketches that I scan.

A. Riabovitchev said...

Great work!Tiger is beautiful!Poor man.