Wednesday, January 04, 2006


Happy New Year to you all . . .


Smook said...

All the best to you in 2006, Matt! That is great frog! Is that digital or is it painted traditionally?

Hope your time off was time well spent and that the general colour of the piece wasn't too indicative of how you felt the day after New Year's Eve!

Elliot said...

A fine frog.
He looks like a dessert.

Dan Thompson said...

Very nice Matt. Looks like real color! nice.

Boris Hiestand said...

love that frog!- flappy easter to you too Matt! Hope you had some good parties- I sure as hell did.

Matt J said...

Thanks a lot fellas! 'Tis good to be back in the saddle - warming up for 2006. Hope to do a lot more 'real' painted stuff this year. All the other animation blogs are looking in fine shape & inspiring me to up my game this season.

Good luck y'all & Blewyddyn Newydd Dda!!
(That's Happy New Year in Welsh)

Stef said...

Bonne Annee mon Ami!

Alina Chau said...

Nice frog!! Agree with Elliot, he looks tasty! Make good dessert!

Matt J said...

Here in Britain we DO have a traditional pudding called 'Toad in the Hole'! Here's the recipe:

Serves 4

8 Pork Sausages
110g (4oz) Plain White Flour
300ml (1⁄2 pint) Milk
2 Small Eggs
1⁄2 tsp Salt

Place the flour in a bowl, then make a well in the centre and break in the egg.
Mix in half the milk using a wooden spoon, work the mixture until smooth then add the remaining milk.
Beat or whisk until fully combined and the surface is covered with tiny bubbles.
Allow to rest for 15 to 30 minutes, whisk again before use.
Preheat the oven to 230°C; 450°F: Gas 8
Fry the sausages in a pan to lightly colour and remove excess fat, reserve the fat.
Place the fat in a small roasting tin adding a little oil, if needed, to bring the amount of fat up to about 4 tbsp.
Heat the fat until smoking hot then pour in the batter.
Add the sausage chunks and place into the hot oven.
Bake for about 5-10 minutes at 230°C; 450°F: Gas 8, then reduce to 200°C; 400°F: Gas 6 and bake 20 to 30 minutes or until the batter around the sausages has risen and is a deep golden brown.
Serve immediately or the pudding will deflate.

the doodlers said...

That toad is really appealing. He does look a bit sad. Cheer up Sir Toad!

mr-dunn* said...

hey matt-wassup with da uli blog?-
has he gone and nuked it once again?
nice toad too..and cooking tips and hints.
lets meet up at marylebone for a pint nxt week-
theres a pub off dorset square i know-
u -me-tim-beautiful..

Matt J said...

Hey Doodlers, Happy New Year to you guys.
Gary, I noticed Uli's blog has vanished but haven't had a chance to ask him about it yet. Next week sounds good - I know Dorset St. There's some cool pubs around Marylebone. Shall we aim for Thursday?

mr-dunn* said...

yup-sounds good to me-thusday it is then!-
elliot-?-you coming along too?
what about an animation bloggers virtual pub?
there's an idea..
like animationnation without the whiners...