Sunday, November 06, 2005

Objets d'arts

A few interesting sights spotted around the streets of Paris.


the doodlers said...

We like the way you're making connections between the different visuals! Cool pix!

JonJones said...

I hope that Polar Bear is what you've brought me back for my birthday!

Boris Hiestand said...

hey- thank's for getting me a ticket to the drawing thing. can't wait! It;ll be good to see all of you again: I'm in London form the 23rd until the 29th.

Boris Hiestand said...


Matt Jones said...

Hey thanks Doodlers, it's always interesting to see the relationship between different photos. You often get surprising & pleasing connections between the colours, objects & environments. Like many, I keep a 'morgue' of image clippings from magazines & newspapers & the same is true of that - happy accidents.

Bro, that polar bear was LIFESIZE - I WOULD look like Quasimodo if I tried bringing that back.

Boris, it's gonna be you, Uli, Sean & I drawing. The Disney contingent are buggering off to LA!